Asia Task Management

We are your service partner for all sourcing and supplier management tasks in Asia, be it a short-term assignment or also for long-term initiatives!


Supplier Search and Qualification
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Supplier Performance Program
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Our mission was to find two to three highly capable suppliers for three different categories, within a reasonable time. Hiteco had supported us throughout the whole project in a very professional manner. The Hiteco team came up with a supplier long list and conducted on-site audits with potential suppliers. In addition, Hiteco took the lead in all commercial and technical discussions during the tender and negotiation phase. Due to their expertise and highly professional project management, we could accomplish our mission within six months only.

- Rudi Hargasser, Head of Purchasing
Together with Hiteco, we developed the performance level of our Asian supplier base to the next level. The Hiteco team visited and audited our suppliers (multiple industries) in China and developed corrective action plans which have been monitored and fully implemented. Looking back, we have to say that we’ve been impressed by their competence and project management skills which are necessary to handle such kind of initiatives.
- Adi Hoter, Head of Global Supplier Quality Management


Supplier performance and fitness programs in Asia

Many companies have Asian suppliers, but “remote” performance management or active supplier development isn’t easy at all. Subsequently, a lot of performance and innovation potential couldn’t be leveraged so far. The solution is simple:  Hiteco works with and behalf of you on these and other topics. Our people identify improvement areas, we define action plans and we monitor their implementation. In short: our aim is to develop your supply base from “good to great!”

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Quality control before shipment

Which cost are higher? To receive shipments with a certain percentage of nonconform parts on an ongoing basis, or to go for an external quality control before shipment? Well, this is a sort of “break-even” calculation but Hiteco customers can confirm that we could bring the total cost of quality far more down than expected. Hiteco QC teams check outgoing items and provide detailed documentation, pictures and videos to you. Nothing goes out without your release, and only good quality items will be on the ship!

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Supplier search and qualification in Asia

Everyone in purchasing is interested in finding new (and capable) suppliers. Depending on the own resource limits, the importance of the categories and/or the project, it can make a lot of sense to assign Hiteco for this task. Our teams develop a supplier long list, we prequalify potential new vendors e.g. by audits to come up with a first “approved vendor list” Depending on your needs, we go even further and run through the whole qualification process including commercial and technical discussions, up to the sample production and their release.

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External Purchasing Office

As strange as it sounds at first glance, but an internal procurement office in Asia is often more expensive than hiring Hiteco as external “workbench”. Why? Well, if you assign us as purchasing office, you don’t have to care where to find qualified (own) people, how much to pay them, how often to rehire etc. And you don’t have to go for an own legal entity with an office and all related administrative cost etc. Let us from Hiteco be your external purchasing office, and we manage your Asian categories for and with you!

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(Re-)Localization of products and supply chains in Asia

Supply chains are “on the move”, and new sales or sourcing markets require adjustment or localization initiatives. This can range from a “simple” product localization where the specifications have to be adjusted to the local requirements, up to a rather complex supply chain localization or also relocations from one Asian country to another. Our Hiteco supply chain experts know how to handle such a challenge, whom to involve company-internally and how to run through the different stages of localization.

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